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A confident smile is a smile without missing teeth

Acrylic Partial Dentures

Removable partial acrylic dentures can replace one or more missing teeth, giving you a natural looking smile. A partial denture only fills in the spaces, created by missing natural teeth and prevents your remaining teeth from changing position. The patient’s aesthetic appearance and speech will be restored, along with the ability to eat confidently and efficiently. A Partial denture can also restore the loss of facial support due to missing teeth. Each partial denture is carefully planned and designed, to produce a lifelike and comfortable denture that will be supported by your natural teeth and gums. Partial dentures are specifically designed to meet each patients needs and in some cases clasps are necessary to hold the partial denture in place.

Chrome Cobalt Dentures
Chrome Palate

A chrome palate can be added to a full upper acrylic denture for extra strength. The denture will also benefit from a thinner fitting surface in comparison to an acrylic denture and therefore increase the comfort.

Chrome Skeleton

Chrome cobalt partials dentures are replacing missing teeth, using a metal skeleton framework, with necessary clasp around the existing teeth to hold the denture in place. Each partial denture is designed, specifically to meet the needs of the patient. A skeleton framework is less bulky and is considered structurally stronger, thinner and more hygienic depended on the design.

Flexible Dentures

VERTEX tm THERMOSENS is a new, innovative monomer-free and rigid denture base material ideal for the use of flexible dentures. It is therefore safe to use for patients who have burning mouth syndrome and metal allergies. It’s available in 12 colours including crystal clear for clear palates.

Flexible partial dentures are best suited where the flexibility of this material can be fully exploited so that it sits snug around existing teeth. They are very successful in the molar areas where just one tooth needs replacing. Semi flexible dentures are very lightweight, practically invisible, and wonderfully comfortable. Flexible dentures are highly resistant to fractures and virtually unbreakable. Each partial denture is designed, specifically to meet the needs of the patient.

Partial Denture Wearers

When in need for a partial denture, a referral form or prescription from your dentist is needed to confirm that you are orally fit, before we can proceed with a new partial. The health of your remaining natural teeth is of the utmost importance. For your own health and benefit, you must be seen by your dentist for an oral examination.

However if you are not receiving regular dental care, Johan can refer you to a local dental colleague for an oral examination and in conjunction they will work out a appropriate and suitable treatment plan for you.

All our dentures are made in Britain.

Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures
Partial Dentures