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As we age the muscles of the face and neck tend to sag and loose tone, this is very prominent in denture wearers and can in some cases produce a ‘witch’ look with a pronounced chin point. Utilising the bodies capacity to heal and build muscle tone together with state of the art techniques and materials, we can help reduce this unsupported and tired faces by reducing the lines around the mouth area. This fantastic result achieve with a denture face lift, blended with standard facial plumping and line reduction, depend on individual circumstances and is highly recommended to look years younger.

For the ultimate rejuvenation, combine the ‘face lift’ with denture implants and truly achieve your natural confidence and facial perfection with this superb treatment combination.


These are custom made dentures according to the QCR and Swiss denture concepts and to the specific needs of a patient. Your Dentures will be handcrafted to mach your age, complexion and facial features. Through a series of appointments the patient visits the clinic to have measurements taken which is then cast in dental plaster to form a duplicate of the patient’s mouth.


Johan Viljoen at Denturist Studio is one of only a few clinicians in the UK to offer dentures which utilise the CQR technique – a revolutionary concept for full dentures.

QCR dentures are based on modern research techniques into muscle function and mathematical modelling from a NASA space engineer and design by a group of dental professionals and scientists from Loughborough University's School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences.

This new construction process allows Johan to create a denture that can be uniquely adapted to the shape and function of the individual patient. This means that the muscles of the jaw can work more effectively to allow better chewing action. They are also more stable so that patients feel more confident when smiling and talking and there is less rubbing against the gums too.

People resort to chewing the softest foods because of their unstable dentures, having a major effect on their quality of life. Now we can produce dentures that work in complete harmony with the movement of the patients jaw. Patients are chewing foods they haven't been able to touch for years and their taste has improved, too.


Swiss Denture Concept Dentures represent the highest standard of full denture provision.

Johan Viljoen has successfully completed the postgraduate course The Swiss Denture Concept at the University of Bern, Switzerland in 2009 and accreditation in order to provide their patients with the choice of the best available.

Swiss Denture Certified Clinician's will give you more time, taking care to assess your current situation, give you advice and accommodate your wishes. This may mean that you have more than the customary four appointments for standard dentures. Your treatment for Swiss Denture Concept dentures will always include primary and secondary functional impressions and intraoral and extraoral registration to determine the functional processes of your jaw joints. The materials used to manufacture your new dentures are produced by Candulor 'The Swiss Art of Prosthetics' a world renouned Dental Manufacturer dedicated to the high quality denture materials, made in Switzerland since 1936. Cundulor Physiostar NFC anterior and Condyloform NFC posterior teeth give you a natural aesthetic appearance and superior function with greater stability of the lower denture, even without implants. The dentures are set up according to the Gerber Philosophy. You may also wish to have your denture base characterised to match your gum colouring.

Swiss Dentures

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