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FREE DENTURE CONSULTATION - Smile with confidence

Our Consultation Process

Appointment 1
During your first FREE – NO OBLIGATION consultation; we will undertake a detailed evaluation.

This may include

  • Taking personal and medical details
  • Full oral examination and cancer screening (visual)
  • Listening to each patients needs and specific requirements
  • Create a detailed treatment plan just for you
  • Advice on helping you achieve optimum oral health
  • Make referrals to other dental professions where necessary

Johan will then explain the different types of dentures available, the technical procedures and the full costs involved, so you could make informed choices about the treatment you will receive. Together and in a relaxed environment, you and Johan can then decide upon the right course of action for you, without obligation. If you are completely comfortable and satisfied with your choice and would like to proceed with the process of new dentures, Johan will then take the primary set of impressions. However, if you need longer time to decide about your options, there will be no pressure and your primary set of impressions will be taken at the next appointment.

At Denturist Studio, all our impressions are taken in an upright position. By being upright, we reduce the anxiety and the fear of gagging as well as the feeling of drowning that some patients experience, when going to a Dentist and lying in a horizontal position.

Dentures are usually completed in just 4 to 5 visits.

Appointment 2
The secondary set of impressions will be taken in a customised impression tray along with the bite registration. These measurements are used to design and create a bespoke denture to fit each patient's function and facial features. Together we will also decide on the tooth shape, size and colour of the teeth to suite your complexion and facial features best.

Appointment 3
At this stage the denture teeth are only set in dental wax. The wax try-in will be fitted and then we can decide if we have achieved the desired appearance. This is your chance to confirm whether the wax dentures look and feel right or if we need to make some alterations. The final decision is yours and we will be happy to make any changes at this stage. (Please note if you do change your mind at a later stage and need further changes and alterations after the completed dentures are fitted, extra costs may occur.) Sometimes it helps to have a friend or a family member present for advice and to make sure that the appearance is just right. When the patient is completely satisfied with the fit, shade and appearance, only then will the dentures will be processed and completed.

Appointment 4
Through the lost wax technique, the wax is removed in a boil-out unit. The wax base melts away with out disturbing the position of the teeth in the mould. Denture resin is inserted into the mould and processed. The denture is then trimmed and polished to a high standard. Your new completed dentures will be fitted for a final checking and minor adjustments might be necessary.

Your new denture is ready for use and bringing back your smile and confidence.


  • It’s best to leave your dentures in for the first 24 hours.
  • Complete dentures will never feel like your own teeth, they will, however become more comfortable and functional with time.
  • It will take a bit of time to get use to your new denture, particular if it’s your first set and the feeling of fullness will reduce with time.
  • Eating and biting foods with the front teeth will require skill and patience as it may dislodge the dentures at first.
  • You may experience an increase of saliva but will decrease with time.
  • When fitted with new dentures, you may expect a few sore spots to develop, but don’t persevere, call us and arrange to come in for an adjustment.

Johan will design, create and construct dentures to each patient’s specific needs.

Most of our denture work is constructed by our own skilled technicians on site, providing a high quality and personal service direct to you.

Your dentures are handcrafted to match your age, complexion and facial features. Johan and his team have been trained in all the latest denture techniques and technology and use only the best dental materials in constructing your dentures.

Not only does the patient benefits from high quality care and personal service, but will also benefit from fast results.

What is the British Bite Mark?

The British Bite Mark is a symbol of the dental laboratory industry in Great Britain. Whenever you see the British Bite mark logo, you know that it is supporting and guaranteeing custom-made dental appliances manufactured on site in a British dental laboratory, according to all UK dental regulations. His means that appliances were made with safe CE marked materials in accordance with Medical Devices Directive, and were signed 'fit for purpose' by a General Dental Council registered dental technician.

At Denturist studio all our dentures are made in Britain.