Dentures Repairs in Middlesex

Denturist Studio Ltd
3 High Road Eastcote

DENTURE repairs

Broken or Cracked Dentures?

We can help you quickly and efficiently.

As well as providing natural looking dentures, we at Denturist Studio also offer an excellent and cost effective denture repair services. This direct service saves you the inconvenience of being without your dentures for a number of days.

Please note that when repairing a denture – The denture will be fitted on to a model / template and then repaired. During this process there can be NO changes made to the fit of the denture - we can only repair the denture as it is.


  • Broken & Cracked dentures
  • Replacing Chipped or missing teeth
  • Replacing broken metal clasps
  • Adding teeth to existing dentures
  • Denture ease and adjustments
  • Denture cleaning & polishing
Denture Reline