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Reline loose fitting dentures using hard and soft liners.

The majority of denture wearers suffer from loose uncomfortable dentures, this is because over time the jaw bones on which the denture sits shrinks, reducing the height and width of the supporting structures on which a denture rely on for retention. Your face, jaw and tissue change over the years, but your prosthesis does not. Your dentures are made of a stable and rigid material and cannot adapt to these physical changes.


Dentures usually need to be relined every 3-5 years as your gums and mouth changes, causing the denture to become loose. A reline will renew the accuracy of the fitting and optimise the function of a denture that’s otherwise in a good condition. Relining a denture will also help to maintain a healthy bite and strong chewing forces that prevents food from going under your plate, causing discomfort.


Soft denture relines can be offered to patients with sensitive gums, to improve comfort and optimise their denture function. The soft lining resembles natural gingival, is comfortable to ware and is resistant to mechanical pressure. The soft lining material acts like a shock absorber and reduce discomfort. These soft denture linings are more prone to staining and do require extra special care when cleaning.

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Denture Reline
Denture Reline