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Smile Gallery

Patient 1

  • Johan has created a fabulous natural looking denture, which transformed her smile, providing her with a functional, secure, natural looking dentures.

Patient 2

Before the new denture was placed this lady had a sunk-in appearance. Johan has created a new aesthetically pleasing denture, which improved her overall appearance. With this transformation to natural looking, functional dentures, Johan helped the patient to regain social confidence and a better quality of life.

Patient 3

  • With the need for retaining the upper partial denture with unappealing clasps, this unpleasing traditional acrylic denture with metal clasps was replaced with a flexible denture where the retaining clasps are inconspicuous.

Patient 4

  • Fortunately with the help of Johan and his team's expertise and attention to detail, this lady's old worn and chipped denture was replaced, that transformed and rejuvenate her smile to its former younger looking smile.

Patient 5

This lady's whole appearance was changed when Johan fitted her with the new dentures with life changing results. This case shows the value of attention to detail by adding ethnic gum tinting for a complete natural look. Not only was the function restored but she gained more confidence with her natural looking dentures.

Patient 6

  • With tried and trusted methods and careful measurements, Johan transformed a "gummy" smile to an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful natural looking smile. This transformation provided the patient with renewed confidence and a fresh outlook on life.

Patient 7

  • A denture not only replaces the loss of teeth, but is also designed to fill out the lips and surrounding tissue and restore it to its natural functional position.

Patient 8

  • This gentleman was wearing ill fitted dentures that caused him much pain and discomfort. Johan has made him a new upper denture with a chrome cobalt palate and partial lower chrome cobalt denture. The patient was so grateful of the thinner metal plates that also provide a much stronger denture to accommodate the strong bite forces. Patient comment: "Really fantastic dentures and service! Wish I had come here before"

Patient 9

  • The wrongly positioned teeth were hanging over the lower lip, creating problems with speech and function. With careful adjustment during the try-in stage Johan created the desired aesthetics and function. This case shows the value of Johan's artistic hand and by utilising old photographs Johan recreated the form, shape and appearance of the teeth.

Patient 10

With careful tooth colour and shape selection, a partial denture can provide an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable solution. Replacing a few missing teeth with a partial denture could not only restore function but also aesthetics and appearance, giving the person back the quality of life they deserve.

Patient 11

  • Not realizing that dentures needs periodically replacing, this elderly gentleman experienced problems with uneven wear causing him discomfort. Apart from the appearance, the position of the teeth made it very difficult to eat and function. Following treatment, he was very pleased with the appearance and function of his new denture, giving him a natural younger looking smile.

Patient 12

  • This case shows the value of seeing a Denturist who cannot only determine the correct position of the teeth, but also the aesthetic appearance. By restoring the position of the midline and correcting the slant of the teeth this lady was delighted with her newfound confidence and sense of wellbeing.

Patient 13

  • The correcting and positioning of the teeth for lip and facial support can create a younger and more attractive look. With the correction of the midline and slanting teeth, the patient's confidence and smile is restored for a fuller and interactive lifestyle.